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Life Cycle of a Tree


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The sprout grows persistently and begins to develop woody characteristics. The soft green stem will begins to harden, change color, and develop a thin protective bark. Leaves or needles develop and continue to search out light. The root grows and branches down and out resembling an upside down underground tree with a flattened top. The majority of the tree’s roots are in the upper portions of soil to absorb available water and nutrients but also to breathe. Like us, tree roots need oxygen or they will die. The seedling must compete with other trees and plants for its share of nutrients, water, sunlight, and space. Other threats include fire, flood, drought, ice and snow, disease, insect attacks, and the threat of being consumed by animals. At this stage, the tree is most susceptible to being killed. If it can survive these early years without harm, the seedling will be well on its way to the next phase in the life cycle.
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