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Life Cycle of a Tree


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With favorable conditions, a sapling will continue to develop into a mature tree. During this stage in the cycle, each tree will grow as much as its species and site conditions will permit. In addition, flowers develop, reproduction ensues, fruits form, and seed dispersal can now occur. The optimum time to harvest trees for forest products beneficial to people is during this stage in the lifecycle. Throughout the USA the majority of products are made from pine (loblolly, longleaf, shortleaf, and slash). Hardwoods such as ash, hickory, mesquite, pecan, and oak are also used but pine is the main commercially grown species to meet public demand for wood products such as those listed below. A few of the products made from trees include: paper, lumber, cabinets, molding, doors, pallets, boxes, crates, trusses, fireplace mantels, furniture, oriented strand board (OSB), flooring, joists, decking, log homes, posts, poles, cooking wood, fencing, fuel, interior finishing, pilings, bridges, animal bedding, mulch, heavy construction timbers, charcoal, shingles, and many more. If a tree is never harvested, over the course of time it continues to provide many other benefits, but eventually will begin to decline.
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