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Think about which came first - the tree, or the seed? It is kind of like asking the egg or the chicken! No matter what you believe, the more you learn about them, you will find that trees are simply amazing. Seeds can come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, depending on the species of tree. All seeds develop from male and female parts of the trees producing fruits but not all of them are easily recognizable or edible. Some seeds are contained in a protective nut like an acorn, pecan, or hickory. Other seeds are found in fleshy fruits, like the black cherry, mulberry, or persimmon. The fruit of a pine is a cone and the seed is winged and resembles a miniature helicopter when falling in the wind from an open pinecone. Wind, water, animals, and people disperse seeds to a wide range of landscapes including the forest floor, open fields, yards, rocky slopes, and roadsides. Anywhere the conditions may be favorable for germination, seeds will sprout and grow.
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